₪ You’re the ___ to my ___

You are…
♥ the king to my queen
♥ the bibi to my tina
♥ the veronica to my logan
♥ the Tom to my Jerry
♥ the key to my heart
♥ the James to my Lily
♥ the paint to my brush
♥ the Damon to my Elena
♥ the colour to my picture
♥ the stars to my night sky
♥ the words to my story
♥ the Sylar to my Elle
♥ the milk to my cereal
♥ the Klaus to my Caroline
♥ the Damon to my Elena
♥ the moon to my stars
♥ the answer to my question
♥ the Elijah to my Mikaelson

₪ Hallo! Liest du noch oder schreibst du schon? ;) Ich würde mich freuen zu hören was du darüber denkst! :)

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